Cash Formula Is A Scam – Undeniable Proof Inside About Cash Formula!

Cash formula is a new trading software claiming to offer a new innovative software that will make anyone wealthy within a short amount of time. However, before getting started towards this Cash Formula review, we would like to mention that these are all are just claims whether does their groundbreaking software really works or not is the big question. Because like Cash formula, there are also other sites who tends to offer such type of innovative software but at the end of the day those turns out to be nothing more than a scam.  So in this post, we thought of uncovering the Cash formula scam.


Website –

Cash Formula Review

Shady promotional video

For collecting further information, we visited their website and like always as soon as the page loaded a video started playing, and unfortunately, the video is the only source of information so even if you don’t want to watch the video, you gotta watch it. Nevertheless, the video features a person who tells how difficult life is and how the wealthiest people in the world don’t want the poor get rich and blah blah.

As the video continues, the person introduces himself as Tim Stanford and tells that he is the co-founder of this innovative money making an app, and after watching this video, you will be on the way to discover the secret formula through which anyone can earn a buck load of money every day for the rest of his life. Now, for someone who is new to this will easily get lured in, and that’s honestly they scam common people.

After a while, we see some people coming and praising this revolutionary app and Mr. Tim Stanford, who guided them and helped them in earning thousands of grand of dollar per month. And at the latter half, Mr. Tim Stanford ask to fill up the registration in order to get access to the application.


Fake counter

Whenever you visit the Cash Formula site, you will see a counter at the top having a time limit of 5 minutes, and cleverly, they have put off a short video, which ends up before the timer goes down, so that a person in a hurry will fill up the registration form. However, you will be stunned to know that even if you don’t fill up the registration form and reload the page as many times you want, you will get the same timer of 5 min. Therefore, actually, there is no actual limited seat system anyone can access it whenever they want.

Misleading Information Provided

While watching the video, you might have seen several screenshots of some account balance, and some “up” or “down” arrow symbols, but have you seen an actual demo of the software in the video itself. By the looks of those screenshots, it seems that this app is an auto trading application. However, in the promotional video there is no mention of it, rather, he tried to put up this software as some kind of secret revealing treasure.


As earlier mentioned, the site consists a fake counter, but that’s not the only thing which makes us suspicious. If you look up the site, there are several things which don’t seem quite right. First and foremost; there is no helpline number or live chat support, and if you are beginner then you should be concerned, without customer support, you are bound to get stuck. Just, for instance, think that you are using the application but due to some reason it got stuck or some error occurred. Then whom you are supposed to speak with.


Furthermore, in the promotional video, Mr. Tim Stanford claims the Cash Formula software to be free and let’s just say it truly is, but just think for once you want to get started with this application and you are willing to put up some investment but what are deposit procedures ? well, unfortunately, there is no information provided on the site regarding this, in addition to that there is also no information provided regarding the withdrawal procedures. These are some critical information, which should have given on the site.

Cash formula transparency issues

The story doesn’t end here, site of Cash Formula scam also got some transparency issues. From the screenshots, it’s pretty clear that it is an auto trading application, which means that the software ultimately trades on some assets, but on which assets does it allow trade on, from where the trading signals are generated all this information remains a mystery. If we do a bit of research and look at other leading auto trading software sites, you will see that all this information are given on their website. And for getting more information you can easily get in touch with the customer support team , even if you are not a user of that software, but sadly with cash formula that doesn’t seem to be happening.

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Is cash formula trustworthy?

It’s certainly not and there are several reasons as to why we are saying this and the biggest reason has to be transparency. If a trading software is not completely transparent then it’s a sign that it is not secured. Another big reason is misleading and inappropriate information, in the promotional video, the so-called co-owner makes some claims and some them are quite wrong and doesn’t quite add up to the reality.


Is Tim Stanford really the co-owner?

You will be shocked to know the self-proclaimed co-owner of this so-called revolutionary app – Cash Formula doesn’t exist in reality yes! That’s correct, in fact, the person claiming to be Tim Stanford seems to be a paid actor and other people appearing in the video are also paid, actors.

Just think for once, in the video the person says that he is the co-owner of this application, then why doesn’t the so called owner doesn’t have any kind of social media accounts, even more, the same can be said about the site. The application, which these people keep on bragging about is just a fake application so if you invest in it, you will lose your money.

Final thoughts

It is safe to say that Cash Formula is nothing but a fraud trading application, which is represented as a groundbreaking secret revealing software by some paid actors. As of now, they have been using Email marketing for trapping people, so if you ever get a mail from them it is recommended that you stay  away  from this kind of Emails. We recommend our readers to use any other trusted binary options auto traders like option robot.

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