Binabot Is Confirmed Scam Software! We Have Proofs!

Binary trading has potentially become the favorite way for doing trading. Due to its growing popularity, several systems have started offering online broker services and auto trading software. However, they are certain fraudsters out there who try to put up some sites and try to convince people that they are offering some kind of trading software, which is revolutionary and will make people rich within a period of 1-2 months, plus you can do all that effortlessly. So in this post, we thought of unmasking another binary trading scam – Binabot scam.


Binabot Scam Exposed! is official website of Binabot scam, so for checking it out we landed on their home page, and as soon as the page loaded, a promotional video started playing, and the like other fraud trading sites, the video is the only piece of information provided on the site. There is no contact us page, and other important images. From a normal person point of view, this all will seem quite normal so chances are that people might end up investing on that software and losing it all.


Now let’s begin with the promotional video, the first thing, which will come to your notice is that the subtitles don’t match with the words the person is saying. Next, the person appearing in the video makes a statement that this revolutionary software has the accuracy of 92 %, now for those who are new to trading, we would like to inform you that there is no software or online broker launched till date that has an accuracy of 90% or above. And even with the leading and the oldest brokers and auto trading software’ you will get an accuracy of 82-87 %, and the main reason is that while doing binary trading, you have to depend upon on your knowledge, skill, and experience, so if you make a bad call on a trade then the software will be able to nothing about that, because an auto-trading software can trade on its itself but it also uses trading signals and assets.

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As the video continues, the person tells that using this software anyone could start making thousands of dollars, and his software is the most advanced software in the world but did you ever heard about it before?Next, he continues and says that to search about BinaDroid, now this another well-scripted lie because, at the start of the video, he introduces his software as “BinaDroid2”, but for reference, he is recommending people to search for “BinaDroid”, sounds a quite confusing right.

After 1 minute 17 seconds, the person introduces himself as Troy Everett, and after that, he also gives a brief introduction to his past life working as an employee, and then he explains how he came to develop this software. Now, surely, for a newcomer, this all will seem quite normal and legit, and quite frankly, this how they make people believe about their fraud system.

Binabot scam unmasked

About the Binabot software

From the video representation, it seems that the software is free, and the person addressing himself as Mr. Troy Everett does give an insight of how does his software works, however, in the 6.30 minute long video, we don’t get to see any kind of live demo or any kind of testimonials about this so-called ground breaking software.


Transparency issues

Now before terming the software fake, let us state some facts as to why we are calling it fraud, If you look up the whole site, then you will find that there are no important pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, etc, but these are some mandatory pages, which every site irrespective of their category must have, because if the software is revolutionary and authentic then why aren’t there are information provided about it on the site.

In the video, the person states that only a few seats are available, but if you wish to join after few days also, you will be given free access, because, ultimately there is no limited seat system as Mr. Troy Everett claims there to be.

Furthermore, there is no customer support available, so if a beginner wants to seek some information about the software, then he will need to get in touch with the customer team, but if there is no way to get in touch with them, now some of you might say there is a button available on the site, but have you tried accessing it? If you haven’t, then please do try once, ultimately, you will get no response.

Mr. Troy Everett also doesn’t disclose any information regarding the software compatibility with various systems, do the auto-trading works on a PC , MAC or even on Android or iOS smartphones, all this information seems to  remain hidden and covered.

Furthermore, there is also no information about the assets Binabot system allows you to trade on, and whether the system has a manual trading mode, even more, there is also no information provided on about deposit and withdrawal procedures. What’s the minimum and maximum amount of investment? How many days does it take a withdrawal procedure to be completed? All these questions remain unanswered. So definitely, it can be said that the site is not secured at all.

Binabot scam unmasked

Phony testimonials

If you scroll down below, you will find some testimonials. For an amateur, this all will seem quite real, but you will be shocked to know that this all are just fake testimonials, and anyone having a bit knowledge about designing web pages will be able to recognize this kind of phony tricks.

In addition, guess what, the person claiming to be Troy Everett is actually an actor, which is just saying some scripted dialogs. If you do a bit research, then you will be able to figure out that the person doesn’t exist in real life, in fact, there is actually no one called Troy Everett as he is stating himself to be.


While doing a bit more research, we found the video on YouTube, and there were certain things, which made us more suspicious, the first thing which caught our attention was that the comment section was disabled, the second thing was that the YouTube channel’s name, as you can see for yourself in the above picture.


It would be safe to say that BinaDroid2 is just another trading scam; the site and the promotional video consist of fake testimonials and misleading information. The proper information regarding several important things is not given. So, if you ever get an Email from BinaDroid2, then it is highly recommended that you stay away from this kind of fraudsters because, at the end of they day, it will be you, whose wallet is going to get empty, if you invest in such kind of fraud trading sites.

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